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Technology continues to evolve, and as a result, if you are in the IT support space, you will agree that it is necessary to keep up with the pace of these changes. There has been a drastic rise in the total number of people who now work remotely from home following the Covid 19 pandemic.

This has made it necessary for many people to learn about the most common IT problems. Such a move is needed because they may encounter such issues while working from home.

Benefits of Learning About Common IT Issues

If your work is related to IT, one of the best practices is to make sure that you are aware of the common IT issues you may encounter. Doing this alone can boost your efficiency and productivity. This way, you can work from any location while having reasonable confidence to handle IT issues that may emanate from you.

However, proper asset management as well as remote PC monitoring could greatly help in identifying and troubleshooting potential IT issues, such as the blue screen of death, among others. These IT issues can be as simple as dealing with a slow-running computer or phone system to having a smoking laptop in your hands.

The good news is that most of these IT problems are relatively easy to fix. The more you know about these issues, the easier and better you will be at resolving them, should they occur. In fact, some common help desk tips can be sufficient in helping you overcome some of these issues.

The Most Common IT Issue Clients Experience

Forgotten passwords

It seems unlikely you will experience this issue in your workplace as it is rated as one of the top problems recorded in IT support and troubleshooting. A typical example can be returning from holiday and discovering that you cannot remember the key digits you need to access your files.

You can prevent this from occurring to you by adopting a strategy that will reduce the chances that you will forget your password in the first place. Below are two strategies to prevent this from occurring.

Sentence method

A technique that can be useful is the sentence method which some people also know as Bruce Schneier Method. It is such a simple yet effective concept that you can easily remember.You must develop a sentence you can never forget as the first step. Choose the first two letters of each word in this sentence and string them together to form your password. For example, in the sentence; The Brass Monkey is my best joint in Edinburgh, the password will look as follows; ThBrMoismybejoinEd.

Use password manager software

You can eliminate all risks by buying special password manager software. You can rely on such software as it can help you to generate several strong passwords which can be securely kept in a special vault.

If you often forget your passwords, this method can benefit you as you may be offered multiple recovery options. Such software may be on a monthly subscription, but it can be an incredibly cost-effective solution to this IT issue.

Other IT Issues Businesses, & Individuals Can Face

Below are some of the most prevalent IT issues individuals and businesses can face.

Accidentally deleting important files

Whether you have rich IT experience or you are a newbie, this is an issue you will most likely know. It is arguably one of the most common IT issues but one that may be easily avoided. If you experience this, you must first check your recycle bin.

Data stored in the cloud could potentially be lost through severe cyber-attacks, and it is advised to use strong cloud IT data backup solutions apart from syncing data to the cloud. This will eliminate the risk of permanently losing any of your essential files.

It is best to have a backup and disaster recovery strategy, regardless of whether or not you have backed up your files to the cloud. With disaster recovery planning, you are rest assured that whatever happens, you should still have backup copies to your essential files.

Slow performance and Insufficient RAM and/or CPU

Slow computers are dreadful for anyone, especially when you need to get tasks done quickly. You will always find computers with software that demands plenty of RAM and CPU a considerable challenge to your patience when you are trying to complete your work efficiently and on time.

If you can uncover the root of this issue, you should be able to re-energise it and bring it back to optimal speed. There are a few main issues you should keep an eye out for, including having some software running in the background, leaving many tabs open simultaneously, and not utilising RAM effectively.

You may have a hardware issue if your computer is still slow after trying everything. If your computer is over a few years old, the hard drive might be going bad. Or, you might need help with a slow CPU. If you think it might be a hardware issue, take your computer to a qualified technician and have them take a look.

Low disk space

Your computer hard drive is for storage, and you can even get a bigger one for more space. However, no matter the size of your computer's hard drive, if too much clutter accumulates in it, the speed of your computer may get drastically reduced.

Look through your computer and delete files you no longer need, especially the ones that use the most disk space, such as photos, video, and audio.

Too many startup programs

Startup programs and others loading automatically once the computer is switched on can be significant IT concerns. While it can be a helpful feature, if too many of them are running on your computer, they can be detrimental to your computer's speed. If you are unsure, you should contact your IT support company and let them guide you on what to do.


No one likes them and what they are designed to do, but anyone's computer can get affected by them. Malware takes a large portion of computer memory and can drain enough resources to reduce the use of other valuable programs the computer may have.

If you encounter slow performance on your computer for no apparent reason, the system may have been infected by malware. Although many online tools can help you identify and quarantine malware, your best bet is to contact IT Support for cyber security services to rectify the issue.


If your computer generates more heat than it can cope with, it will surely overheat. When this happens, the computer may shut down by itself while you are working on it or suffer permanent damage. You can avoid this if you follow this common IT help desk guideline of giving your computer enough breathing space. This is important because when materials or objects block the fan, the ability of the fan to cool the computer system is inhibited.

Maintain cleanliness

When too much dust gathers in your computer, it can do sufficient damage to reduce the lifespan of your computer. A gradual build-up of dust near the fan in your computer will only help to raise its temperature, which increases the chances of overheating.

You can avoid this by giving your computer a regular cleaning. It is advisable to contact your IT Support team as the issue may be elsewhere, and you risk damaging the computer parts during this exercise.

Slow internet connection

In this digital age, when there is no access to the internet, no work can be done. So, where there is a slow internet connection, the situation can be a very frustrating one. An increasing number of people now work from home, and for them to do this effectively, they rely on good internet connectivity. However, problems may emanate with connection occasionally.

Here are some simple steps to take when this kind of situation arises. You can reboot your router by removing the cables from the power outlets for about 10 seconds and plugging them back in. This may be sufficient to address the situation, but you can also use an Ethernet cable, which will improve and provide you with a more stable internet connection experience.

Talk to an IT Expert

Many people make the costly mistake of waiting until they have computer problems before contacting IT Support for help. In such cases, data breaches and permanent data loss have been suffered.

When you make adequate preparations by having a regular security audit of your computer, you can have reasonable assurance that you will not suffer any significant loss that will tamper with your work. For help with all your common IT issues, contact an experienced computer support company.

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