Email System Backup in Melbourne

Interscale can assist your business in setting up a Microsoft 365 cloud backup that runs automatically several times a day. To save time, you can simply only backup files that have changed. This means you don't have to keep an eye on the security of your files all the time.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup 

Users of Office 365's OneDrive may sometimes have trouble with other programmes interfering with it. In this case, Interscale can help.

Calendars, Contacts & Tasks Backup & Security

The Microsoft 365 backup solution from Interscale provides a copy of your calendar, contacts, and task data. These Office 365 data types, however, might present significant security gaps if they are overlooked or forgotten. These records must be protected exactly like any other confidential business information. This is more crucial than ever in light of tighter regulations governing the confidentiality of personal data.

Google Workspace Backup

In virtually any configuration of Google Workspace, Gmail is quite likely to be among the most critical sources of data. Because Interscale provides you with unlimited capacity for your Gmail backups, you will never have to stress about whether or not you will have enough space.

Automatic Gmail Data Backup Service

Create a backup mechanism for your Gmail account that operates on a regular basis and automatically. The files that have been modified the most recently are backed up first by Interscale because this is the quickest thing the platform can accomplish. Put an end to the hassle of trying to maintain the privacy and security of your Gmail messages, attachments, and other data.

Easy Email Backup Service in Melbourne

With our easy fixed fee email backup and disaster recovery package, there is no sense in leaving your business continuity up to a chance ever again. Contact us today by calling 1300 205 999 for more information on how our email backup solution can benefit you.

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