Asset Tracking

Almost every organisation has a hard time keeping track of and finding their most important assets. When important equipment is lost for a long time, deadlines and client obligations can be missed, work can be wasted, and there may be costly delays or downtime. Interscale can assist you and your business implement the most up to date tracking systems available.

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Asset Tracking Services

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Traditional Asset Tracking

Organisations have historically dealt with this problem by either affixing barcodes to their equipment or keeping track of their assets using serial numbers and spreadsheets. However, substantial manual labour is needed for all of these approaches.

Modern Asset Tracking Technology

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically track those assets is one quick method to improve asset management. Interscale specialise in both of these systems and can consult with you to determine the best and most cost effective way to track your assets.

Interscale Managed IT Services

Latest in Melbourne Asset Tracking Systems

In an RFID asset tracking system, a tag sends information to a reader using electromagnetic fields. RFID can track office equipment in a high-rise building, medical gadgets in a hospital, factory tools, or oil-field pumping equipment in the middle of nowhere.

Interscale Melbourne Asset Tracking

For the latest in Melbourne asset tracking system advice and service, contact our experienced and qualified asset tracking team to discuss your asset tracking solutions today.

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