Meet Charlie

Once upon a time, our team at Interscale embarked on a mission to find a new mascot that would represent our brand. We were a cutting-edge technology company, and we wanted a mascot that would embody our values of innovation, adventure, and a love for technology.

How Did We Meet Charlie?

As we were exploring a new part of the jungle, we stumbled upon a curious and adventurous crocodile named Charlie. Charlie was unlike any other crocodile in the jungle, always on the lookout for new experiences and eager to meet new creatures.

We were immediately struck by Charlie's friendly and adventurous spirit, and we knew that Charlie was the perfect candidate to be our new mascot. We approached and got to know Charlie better, we realized that not only was Charlie friendly, but also intelligent and tech-savvy. We were impressed by Charlie’s understanding of the latest technologies, and we saw a unique opportunity to bring Charlie’s adventurous spirit and tech-savviness to life as our new mascot.

Excited about the opportunity, Charlie eagerly accepted the offer, and together with our team, Charlie embarked on a new adventure as the official mascot of Interscale.

From that day on, Charlie became an ambassador for our brand, representing our values and spreading joy and excitement everywhere. Charlie quickly became a beloved figure among our customers, employees, and the tech community, inspiring and bringing excitement to the world of technology every day.

And that, my friends, is the story of how we met Charlie the Croc, our beloved mascot, who continues to embody our values and inspire us to innovate and explore new possibilities in the world of technology.

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