Ransomware Protection And Prevention in Melbourne

With ransomware threats on the rise, your business data and daily operations can be at risk. Make sure your IT is protected by a combination of email protection, web filtering and solid backup solutions.

Ransomware attacks occur worldwide, from local government offices to large corporations. To prevent them from being successful, we must all collaborate.

Complete File Encryption

Ransomware is a sort of virus that restricts access to a computer, device, or file until a ransom is paid. This is accomplished by encrypting files on the endpoint, threatening to delete files, or limiting system access. When hospitals, emergency call centres, and other vital infrastructure are targeted by ransomware, the consequences can be very severe.

Ransomware Strategy & Advice

When fighting ransomware, Interscale implements a comprehensive strategy that encompasses the entire organisation.

Backup for Ransomware Attacks

Interscale suggests that essential data backups are the most effective strategy to recover from a ransomware attack. Your backup files should be securely safeguarded and stored offline to prevent attackers from targeting them. Using Interscale's cloud services could lessen the effects of a ransomware outbreak, as many of them retain prior copies of files, allowing you to revert to an unencrypted version. Interscale routinely evaluates the effectiveness of your backups. Before rolling back in the event of an attack, we will ensure that your backups are not infected.

Malware & IT Attack Response Strategies

We can help you create an incident response strategy so that your staff knows what to do in the case of a ransomware attack. During an attack, the strategy should establish roles and communications to be shared. You should also include a list of contacts, such as partners and vendors who require notification. We can also discuss your company's “suspicious email” policy. This will aid in training personnel on what to do if they get a suspicious email. It might be as easy as forwarding the email to the IT security team at Interscale.

Professional Melbourne Ransomware Protection

If you’re one of the thousands of Australian businesses that have sensitive data susceptible to ransom, get in touch with Interscale today to discuss your options.

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