File Sharing Backup in Melbourne

Interscale have the best Office 365 SharePoint backup solutions to protect all of the important SharePoint data for your business. Our smart backup solutions make it easy to back up documents and folders, assign rights, and do other things.

Microsoft 365 Groups Backup Service

Microsoft Office 365 Groups give employees a central place to share resources and work together on important projects, documents, and other materials for the organisation. This means it is very important to backup Groups so that if there is a security breach, the group can get back to work with as little trouble as possible.

Safe, Secure File Backup for Business

Interscale allows safe and secure sharing of ideas and working together. All you have to do is click a button to bring back all Group data and interactions. Teams is becoming more and more popular as the best way for businesses to work together, Interscale can keep you up to date as Microsoft continue to make improvements and add new features.

Secure Onedrive Backup Melbourne

We offer OneDrive backup services to make sure that your business's data is safe. If you want to protect your company's data from things like hacking, encryption software, accidental deletion, and other problems, you must always keep a backup.

MS Teams Backup Service

Teams is a flexible collaboration platform that can connect to other Microsoft 365 apps and offer a wide range of services across the whole service, such as sharing files, holding meetings, having private conversations, and more. In case of a data breach, Interscale will have safely backed up all of your Teams' most important data.

Easy File Sharing Backup Service in Melbourne

With our easy fixed fee email backup and disaster recovery package, there is no sense in leaving your business continuity up to a chance ever again. Contact us today by calling 1300 205 999 for more information on how our email backup solution can benefit you.

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