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Interscale CloudMover is the next generation cloud data migration tool that offers lightning fast, simple and cost effective cloud storage migrations.

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Things you can do on DigitalOcean with the $200 trial offer

Host website(s)
Create up to 10 different Basic Droplets with
various CMS packages (WordPress, Ghost etc.) and run multiple websites.
Run up to 15 static sites.
Build web applications
Create up to 10 different Basic Droplets to run simple web applications.
Test a production-quality web application for up to 30 days utilizing General Purpose Droplets, CDN through Spaces Object Storage, Load Balancers, Volumes Block Storage, and DigitalOcean Managed Databases.
Run 10 apps for 60 days using a fully managed PaaS environment.
Build a container-based application
Experience a real-world Kubernetes environment by deploying a cluster.
Run open source applications
Explore up to 7 different kinds of popular and powerful open source software, including VPN, Mattermost, Minecraft, and much more – utilizing robust General Purpose Droplets.

Build to Make Migrations Frictionless

Interscale CloudMover is a fully hosted cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud migration platform. Self-managing your migration is simple with our user-friendly web interface, and our automated platform handles the labor-intensive tasks.

Leave No Data Behind

It's possible for migrations to contain tens of thousands of users, intricate folder systems, and dispersed data.

The extensive feature set of Interscale CloudMover includes versioning, permissions, metadata, and all the complex details associated with data storage.
Shared Drives and Team Migrations
As well as supporting individual migrations, Interscale CloudMover supports migrating users, teams, sites, organisations and shared drives.
Permissions, Versioning and Metadata
Interscale CloudMover supports a holistic migration by retaining versioning, permissions, creation and modification time and other metadata.
File Server to Cloud Migrations
Interscale CloudMover securely moves data from on-premise file servers to the cloud using an easy to run Movebot agent or SFTP.

Migrating With Interscale CloudMover

Data migration shouldn't be difficult. Without missing a beat, Interscale CloudMover accelerates cloud adoption while demystifying the difficult. Migrating to or from clouds is simple with automatic error handling and full insights to help with planning.
Simple to Setup
All you need to start using Interscale CloudMover is a web browser. Regardless of how difficult your migration is, CloudMover's user-friendly interface lets you start transferring data in just a few minutes.
Pre-Migration Scan & Simulation
Before moving a file, Interscale CloudMover offers a comprehensive, simple-to-understand interactive overview on your data. Examine the report to find out where the data is stored, about permissions, and about things like huge, inactive files.
Flagged Items
Movebot will highlight any files that might need manual intervention as part of your pre-migration scan before beginning the migration procedure.
Lighting Fast & Scalable
Interscale CloudMover is built on the cloud, for the cloud. Since CloudMover makes use of cloud infrastructure, it is entirely scalable and extremely fast to move your data to your destination platform. For instance, Interscale CloudMover can easily move 10TB every day into Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services.
Error Handling & Reporting
When platforms are incompatible, Interscale CloudMover automatically sanitizes, transforms, and fixes them. CloudMover offers a variety of reports after completion, including a comprehensive audit log, failure report, and applied permissions to CloudMover's worker logs.

Migrating Content is Fast

Utilize an army of Interscale CloudMover's to move files, users, teams, permissions, and versions into your new cloud home in a matter of seconds rather than months.
Fast - Up to 5TB per day
Reduce the time it takes to migrate by swiftly transferring content, teams, and their metadata to your new cloud home.
Create an army of Interscale CloudMovers
Up to ten extra worker nodes can be added to each transfer to boost the performance of your migration.
No shared resources
Each transfer is processed by a separate worker node. Your transfers can operate at their peak efficiency without affecting the overall migration.

Migrating with Humans

Interscale CloudMover's crew is a welcoming group of individuals. The staff is always willing to lend a helping hand and make sure your migration is as smooth as possible
Accessible Humans
The Melbourne Based Interscale CloudMover crew is a welcoming group of individuals. The staff is always willing to lend a helping hand and make sure your migration is as smooth as possible
Remove the Complexity
It can be difficult to migrate to a new cloud platform. The Interscale CloudMover staff is pleased to help and provide you a sense of security.
We Know the Cloud
We are aware that each cloud is unique and difficult to comprehend, but don't worry! All cloud vendors have connections and relationships with Interscale CloudMover.

Interscale CloudMover Moves Terabytes Per Day

Our intelligent platform, which is speed-optimized, balances rate limitation and network throughput to maximise bandwidth while scaling workers and threads. Interscale CloudMover automatically scales worker nodes to complete your move twice as quickly.

White-Glove Migrations with Interscale CloudMover

The Interscale CloudMover professional services team applies their years of cloud storage experience as market leaders in the data migration space to provide a seamless transition to your new cloud platform. The professional services team at CloudMover will collaborate directly with your company to offer thorough support and help all through your relocation journey.

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