Securing Office 365 in Melbourne

If you’re one of the thousands of Australian businesses that started their cloud journey with implementing Office 365 and thought that IT security and data backup was no longer your problem, you are mistaken.

Holistic Office 365 Security

Interscale takes a holistic approach to securing your Office 365 and addressing any shortfalls within the Office 365 ecosystem so you can have a complete peace of mind.

Premium Office 365 Protection

Security must be a top priority if you use Microsoft 365 apps to handle sensitive company or personal information. There are a number of security and compliance features in Microsoft 365 Business Premium. But if you've never used these technologies to protect sensitive information, it's easy to miss important features. This is where Interscale can help.

Sensitive Information Secured

Any organisation that stores private or sensitive information in the cloud has a moral and legal duty to keep that information safe. Interscale can help you figure out how secure your Office 365 enterprise setup is and fix any problems. We may also set up the right access permissions and authentication for your Azure Active Directory.

Private Communication Assurance

Many businesses are switching from Outlook to Microsoft Exchange Online for their business email service. Exchange Online is an email service that is based on the web. The migration services offered by Interscale include migrating data from Outlook to Exchange. After you have moved all of your important emails and contacts from Outlook to Exchange, we can help you take the right security steps to keep all business communications private.

Backup & Security for Your Business

Any business that uses Microsoft 365 for office and administrative tasks needs to back up its data often. Data loss can happen for many reasons, like when a device breaks or when someone hacks it. If you give a system enough time, it will lose data for one or more of the following reasons. But if you have backups that are up to date, you can limit the damage to your business.

Live Data Backup & 24/7 support

Interscale may set up your system so that it has multiple backups. This way, if you lose data, it won't be as bad. With live data backups, you can get back lost data without stopping operations.

Premium Melbourne Office 365 Security

For the best Office 365 protection for your business, contact our friendly team today for a no obligation discussion on what we can do for you and keep your business secure today.

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