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What would it cost your business in lost revenues to have your email or business systems down for a day… or a week? Interscale offers a simple yet comprehensive cloud backup plan as well as complete data storage and disaster recovery solutions.

Interscale Managed IT Services

Exchange Server, Office 365 & Google Workspace Backup

Is your email system in the cloud? Who’s backing it up, because your email system provider definitely isn’t! Many businesses make the mistake of believing that when their emails are hosted in a cloud based system they are automatically backed up and can be recovered if lost due to hacking or system failure. This unfortunately is not the case. If your email system holds vital business communications and information, you must have a backup system in place!

Interscale Managed IT Services

File Backup & File Sharing

It doesn’t matter whether your file sharing system such as SharePoint is hosted on an on-premises server or in the cloud, you will still need to ensure an adequate backup system is in place. It still comes as a surprise to many businesses that their cloud based file sharing systems are not automatically backed up and retrievable if data is lost due to hacking or system failure.

On-premises servers will also require a remote backup of files to ensure your files are safe in the event of natural disaster, fire or theft.

Interscale Managed IT Services

Applications Server Backup Service

Just how long can you go without your core business systems? In the event of a catastrophe, how long do you anticipate it taking to get everything back up and running?

Whether your applications are run on a local on-premises server or in the cloud, an up-date disaster recovery plan including remote backups of your most vital business systems is a must! This must include bullet-proof quick recovery in the event of ransomware, server failure or natural disaster.

Benefits of Our IT Managed Services

Simple Backup & Recovery Pricing

With our straightforward data recovery & backup flat rate every month. There is no requirement for hardware, licensing, or a big charge up front.

Local Backup Servers in Australia

As the first step, we automatically replicate all data – including servers and business-critical information – locally for easy recovery.

Offsite/Cloud Backup Based In Australia

The local backup is replicated to our secure, Australian-based data centre, providing a second layer of backup and resiliency for your business. This will protect your business from hardware failure, theft or malware infection (such as a ransomware attack).

Simple Cloud & Backup Implementation

Fully-automated backup processes – set and forget! No more backup tape collections or daily swapping of hard drives reducing the need for manual processes and risk of human error.

Long Data Retention & Restoration Period

With Interscale, your backup data is stored for up to one year and can be restored at any time. This gives you peace of mind to know that your business and data is in safe hands.

Secure Data & Encryption Services

Data is encrypted and monitored by our Service Desk team. Combined with our IT security services, you can know that your data is secure at all times.

Quick Data Recovery & Backup 

In the event of a disaster, hardware failure or ransomware attack, the data can be restored to a local server or cloud provider quickly and securely.

Flexible Data & File Storage Options

Highly scalable platform allows for changing backup requirements. Cloud based local servers give our clients the flexibility to access their data and share at anytime.

24/7 IT Monitoring &

24/7 monitoring by our Service Desk team based in Melbourne so you’ll always have the support you need.

IT Management & Autodesk Services Australia Wide

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