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THERE IS A NEW NORMAL COMING. The post-Covid-19 world will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Design Studios, under competitive pressure before lock-down are now faced with a significant market tightening and a requirement to balance social distancing with effective teamwork and collaboration. Cashflow and Mobility are rapidly becoming the new watchwords for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

THE MARKET IS ALREADY SHIFTING. Evidence from IDC in 2019 shows more than 40% of companies felt it necessary to migrate to a device-as-a-service model adopting operational expense through monthly payment options to improve cashflow.


INTERSCALE DAAS FOR AUTODESK AEC delivers a modern solution approach that simplifies how organizations equip users with the right hardware, support, device management and lifecycle services to get the job done – improving end user productivity, IT efficiency and cost predictability.

Available in multiple configurations to suit all needs ranging from mobility focused notebook solutions through to high end configurations suitable for the most complex Autodesk AEC tasks.

What’s Included?

  • Autodesk AEC optimized Mobile Workstation
  • Autodesk AEC Collection subscription
  • Service Desk support for device & Autodesk Suite
  • End-Point Protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscription
  • Workstation Backup
  • Monitor and docking station
  • Co-termination and flex-up (optional)

Why Interscale DAAS For Autodesk AEC?

By adopting INTERSCALE DAAS FOR AUTODESK AEC, your business can be assured that you are using appropriately configured mobile workstations, preloaded with your business applications of choice, backed by quality service delivery including both IT and Autodesk AEC support for a fixed monthly fee.

With INTERSCALE DAAS FOR AUTODESK AEC, you can be confident your design teams enjoy a better overall experience, ensuring staff can focus on driving completion of projects and more profitable business outcomes.

Device Configuration and Pricing

HP ZBOOK 15 with Intel i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD & 1TB HDD, docking station, monitor, three-year Autodesk AEC Collection subscription and Interscale service desk from A$559.00 ex-GST per month.

Bring-Your-Own Autodesk licence from A$219.00 ex-GST per month.

IT Management & Autodesk Services Australia Wide

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