RFID Scanning & Tracking in Healthcare Melbourne

Medical equipment and supplies can be better managed and used with the help of RFID tags. Interscale is an industry leader in Melbourne with specialised RFID professionals and fully automated solutions, which makes its contactless transponders great for important medical equipment and applications. They can help medical facilities improve care and deal with risks better. With the help of our custom design services, RFID tags that work best for certain applications can be made.

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Melbourne Medical Asset Management

Our small RFID tags make tracking faster and more accurate in health care settings, and they also make it possible for complicated electrical systems to be calibrated automatically. RFID technology for consumables can cut down on mistakes and make sure they are used correctly, which can improve patient care and staff safety.

Healthcare Industry Tracking Solutions

RFID scanning and tracking is especially beneficial to the healthcare industry, promoting the best possible patient care while reducing costs by:

● Improving staff and patient safety and workflows

● Authenticating quality and sterilisation processes

● Tracking the location of medical, surgical and IT equipment

● Monitoring wandering patients and baby tags

● Monitoring patient temperatures

● Accurately recording and updating medical inventories

Professional Medical Asset Tracking Melbourne

Interscale's healthcare asset management system places sensors and tags on your most significant medical equipment and assets. From blood bags, IV pumps, and heart monitors to beds, wheelchairs, and everything else that affects a patient's performance or is expensive. Our RFID scanners automatically track the location of the asset or item as it moves. This provides us with real-time visibility into every item. Get in touch with Interscale today to discuss your needs today.

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