Agriculture with Interscale's RFID Solutions

Maximise the success of your agriculture operations with the help of Interscale's innovative RFID technology. RFID provides real-time visibility into your assets, revolutionising the way you manage and track livestock and crops.

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Revolutionising The Agriculture Industry

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is revolutionising the agriculture industry, providing real-time visibility into the movement and management of assets through barcode labelling and advanced asset tracking software. With Interscale's innovative tracking solution, farmers are able to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and enhance the safety and quality of their products. Our solutions for agriculture feature the latest in passive UHF and active RFID tag technology, with RFID readers and RFID tagging providing real-time information about the location and movement of livestock, crops, and equipment.

RFID For Livestock Farming

Say goodbye to manual tracking and hello to instant information. Interscale's RFID tags attach to your animals, providing you with up-to-date details on their location and movement. This information is essential for managing their health and welfare, allowing you to respond quickly to any health issues or potential outbreaks. Improve the efficiency of your operations and save time and money with Interscale's RFID technology.

RFID For Crop Farming

Monitor and manage your assets like never before. Interscale's RFID technology tracks the location and movement of your farm equipment, reducing the risk of theft and improving maintenance. Additionally, it provides real-time information about the health and yield of your crops, allowing you to make informed decisions and reducing the risk of crop failures while increasing productivity.

RFID For Food Traceability

Ensure the safety and quality of your food products with Interscale's RFID technology. Trace the movement of food from farm to customer, giving you peace of mind in the global food market where food safety is a top priority.

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Easy To Use RFID Technology

Our RFID asset tracking solution includes handheld RFID readers and fixed RFID readers, and our barcoding software and labels printed with QR codes make it easy to collect data and improve inventory accuracy. Our RFID system also offers access control and security labels, helping to reduce the risk of loss and theft.

Our RFID solutions are designed to be flexible, with handheld and fixed readers, active and passive RFID tags, and mobile computers for use in various environments, from warehouses to facilities management. By tracking assets with RFID technology, farmers are able to improve efficiency and save time, tracking the history of their assets and ensuring that the tracking process is accurate and secure.

Game Changing RFID For Agriculture

Interscale's RFID technology is a game-changer for the agriculture industry, providing real-time visibility and improving efficiency, safety, and quality. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your agriculture operations to the next level. Choose Interscale for all your RFID needs!

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