Windows Device Management

Windows Device Management &Windows Autopilot

Interscale is an industry leader that provides mobility management services for Windows 10 end-points, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Our IT expertshave the skills and expertise to deliver full device management for rugged Windows CE devices, as well as assisting clients with license management, product setup, training and other ICT solutions.

Why Your Organisation Should Use Windows Management

  • Your Windows Embedded devices will be managed until they’re retired, replacedor upgraded.
  • Windows is the most commonplace operating system throughout the world; therefore, cyber criminals regularly target businesses that use Windows.
  • Both your older and newer Windows endpoints, including PCs and mobile devices, have to be correctly managed.
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP) willstop corporate files and websites from being accessed by unapproved apps.

How Windows Autopilot Can Help

Windows Autopilot is anassortment of technologies that are applied by IT experts to set up and pre-configure new devices to get them ready to be used for work purposes. Its purpose is to streamline the Windows device lifecyclefor both IT specialists and end-users. Once a device has been deployed, it can be managed by using Microsoft Intune.

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