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Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune: The Perfect Duo to Deploy Windows Devices

28 May,2020

Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune: The Perfect Duo to Deploy Windows Devices

Remember those days you had to pause your work and request the IT department just to install Microsoft Word or any application on your computer? Or a new hire should wait for a day or two before IT hands them over a fully-equipped and functional laptop because they have to wipe it off and apply necessary configurations all over again? Imagine doing this for every single employee or every new hire. What a waste of time and resources, right? Microsoft already took care of this by developing cloud-based services called Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune are, and how these two can benefit your organisation.

What is Windows Autopilot

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Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. Its goal is to simplify the Windows device lifecycle — from deployment to retirement — for both IT and end-users. After a successful deployment of a device, it can be managed by Microsoft Intune.

Benefits of Windows Autopilot


Windows Autopilot removes the tedious process of maintaining custom images and drivers for every device. The process of re-imaging a device is replaced by a smart pre-configuration where you can apply settings and policies, install apps, and even change the edition of Windows 10.


Windows Autopilot allows end-users to skip sections that require manual input like Home or Work selection, OEM registration, Cortana, OneDrive, and privacy settings. They only need to perform two simple steps: connect to the network and log in.


Rollback a device without hassle with Windows Autopilot Reset to get it back to a business-ready state. There’s no need to re-enroll the device via Autopilot to give it a fresh start. It supports two options, first is via local reset, and the other one is remote reset via Microsoft Intune.

What is Microsoft Intune

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Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Think of it as a cloud-based administrator that secures and manages your company-owned devices and even the end-user’s personal device which they enrolled under bring-your-own devices (BYOD) program.

Benefits of Microsoft Intune


This applies to both organisation-owned devices and personal devices. Microsoft Intune enforces full control in company-owned devices, including settings, features, and security. As for personal devices, it separates work from personal data. It also gives employees the freedom to enrol their device if they want full access to their organisation resources or only some of its applications.


It eliminates the time-consuming process of personally visiting an end-user’s device just to install/update applications and security settings. Microsoft Intune helps IT to scan devices for malicious software, push certificates, install/update business applications, and ensure devices are compliant with your business security requirements. These are all done via the cloud.


Whether your device operates in macOS, Android, iOS, or Windows, Microsoft Intune got you covered. This means it doesn’t only operate for Windows devices. It gives end-users the freedom to switch between desktop and mobile devices, company-owned or personal.

Simplify the way your organisation-owned devices and personal devices get deployed, reset, and repurposed with the help of Microsoft Autopilot and Windows Intune. Its end-to-end zero-touch experience saves IT and businesses time, resources, and money to configure devices into a business-ready state, from initial deployment through the eventual end of life.

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