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Interscale is a leading IT services provider in Melbourne, offering a complete suite of IT services which have been designed specifically for your business or industry. Starting with your first engagement, you will begin to see first-hand how the team at Interscale approach IT differently. We begin with one simple yet often-forgotten process; listening.

The goal is to understand your business, its people and cultural considerations first. Only once these are known, do we then focus on the technology. This starts with mapping out a high-level growth plan and aligning IT solutions and change initiatives against your business needs.

At Interscale, we understand it is imperative for your business to partner with an IT service provider that is reliable, trustworthy but most of all, there for your business when you most need it. Take a look below at the suite of IT services we provide and feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions you might have.

Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Fibre 1Gbps is a Business-grade Fibre Optic Broadband service with unlimited data and...

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