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Indoor Contact Tracing Beacons for COVID-19

Interscale understands how serious the impact of COVID-19 pandemic has been across the world and how important contact tracing is when it comes to taking effective action against the virus. This is why we offer our clients premium beacon products that are effective for indoor contact tracing, social distancing and person locating applications, helping to control the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Indoor Contact Tracing Products

Card Beacons

Our indoor contact tracing card beacons are approximately the size of a credit card, making them slim and lightweight.

Wristband Beacons

Our slim wristband beacons can be comfortably worn on the wrist for a convenient and innovative indoor contact tracing solution.

Applications of Our Beacon Products

Indoor Contact Tracing

Our card and wristband beacon products make it considerably easier to perform indoor contact tracing with patients who are at-risk of contracting COVID-19.

Social Distancing Alerts

Our indoor contact tracing products will detect other people who also have one of these products and alert users in real time as to when social distancing parameters aren’t being met.

Features of Our Indoor Contact Tracing Beacons

  • Automatic sign in and sign out
  • Convenient to carry / comfortable to wear
  • Alert when physical distancing threshold reached

Our Indoor Contact Tracing Beacons Help Answer the Following Questions:


  • When and where someone is on the premises right now
  • Who they’re in proximity to
  • In which rooms a person has spent time and how long
  • Who else was in a room within a certain time frame
  • How many people are in a room, and whether this number exceeds the regulations

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