Mobile Device Management


Whether you’re responsible for managing tablets in retail, healthcare or education settings, or handheld scanners in transportation, construction, logistics or warehouse settings, you can rely on Interscale’s mobile device management solutions to secure, manage and monitor your fleet of mobile devices throughout their lifecycle.

Main Features


Lifecycle Tracking

Track assets based on serial number, purchase date, warranty expiry and lease renewal. By tracking the purchase date against the warranty or lease of your device, Interscale can help manage the refresh process ensuring technology is always protected.

Software Management

Deploy applications, operating environments and patches in a consistent and clean manner. Service desk driven managed application also allows deployment including line of business applications to specific user groups.


Configuration Management

Apply application settings to multiple devices’ email and VPN settings automatically through Interscale’s device management, which makes this usually time consuming job, an absolute breeze.


Ensure your devices are locked against malicious action, theft and abuse. You can have complete confidence in Interscale device management if a device is lost or stolen. We are able to lock your device to prevent unauthorised access and locate it.



Check your device’s health, storage and battery levels, processor usage and monitor activity. This ensures your devices are always operating at peak performance or, if devices are having performance problems, these issues can be addressed and fixed accordingly.


Interscale mobile device management ensures that all devices are managed to best practice and a defined standard. User profiles are standardised across all platforms to remove any inconsistencies.


Reset & Security

Prevent users from unintentionally connecting a business device to a personal account. This makes handover and transfer of a device between personnel and contractors easy, seamless and fast.

Customer Case Study

One customer discovered the benefits of Interscale’s mobile device management service when managing a fleet of mobile tablet devices. Previously, they had spent around 150 hours a year resetting, reimaging and redeploying devices across their contractor base. With Interscale’s device management service this was reduced to less than one hour per year, with better quality outcomes and more consistent device operation.

Device License Only
  • Device License Only
Device License + Standard Support
  • Device License
  • Backend system maintenance and uptime
  • Configuration changessuch as apps rollout, etc
  • Device onboarding and offboarding
Device License + Premium Support
  • Device License
  • Backend system maintenance and uptime
  • Configuration changes such as apps rollout, etc
  • Device onboarding and offboarding
  • End user support
  • Device patching
  • Monthly configuration backup

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