Technology Solutions for Education

Education providers need technology solutions and device deployment services that support their educators and their students to help them to reach their digital learning objectives. Educational institutes need stable and reliable solutions so that learning is not disrupted.


Education providers are often overcome by everything they need to get done in one day and need all the help that they can get so they can focus on what they do best; teaching. So realistically, what are some of the real issues educators are facing every day?

  • Hosting and providing secure access to critical and confidential digital data.
  • Maintaining networks that are both efficient and avoid disruption while supporting learning and teacher development.
  • Meeting diverse student, staff, device and information needs.
  • Providing IT support and device deployment services to students and staff who can be both on and off campus.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Maybe you’re responsible for managing tablets in a retail setting. Or handheld scanners in a transportation and logistics...

Interactive Display

Interactive Display

Interactive screen with 20 points of touch, collaboration becomes a reality. Interactivity is taken to the next level....

What Does Interscale Have to Offer?

Interscale is a trusted and proven device deployment service provider offering complete ICT solutions , including Windows deployment services and Apple deployment programs, for the education industry including K-12 as well as higher education. Our team has staff who specialise in supporting the education providers and we believe this gives us an edge in what we can offer.

Our project management team can help to first identify the challenges and uncover any strategic and tactical objectives that may already exist and highlight areas where your past investment into technology can be better leveraged.

Once this has been completed, we will create a strategic plan that will provide the technology infrastructure to overcome current issues and provide for future needs to support learning and development in the classroom.

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