Crossware Centrally Managed Your Company Email Signatures

Crossware Mail Signature is the leading email signature solution for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino.

Crossware Mail Signature gives you complete control over your company email signatures. Design an attractive and professional email signature and ensure that it is included on every email leaving your company, even those sent from mobile devices!

Use our software to manage your business email signatures.

    • Email Branding
      Include your company’s branding and correct personal details on every email.
    • Email Disclaimer
      Specify an email disclaimer to be appended to all emails leaving your company.
    • Email Advertising
      Include targeted messages on every email. Create more opportunities.
    • Mobile Email Signatures
      Include your professional email signature on all emails, from any device.
    • Centralised Management
      Control all email signatures from one central database.
    • Complete Creative Control
      Begin with a template, or start completely from scratch.

    4 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Crossware Mail Signature

    • You Set The Rules
      With the ability to create and set powerful rules, every part of your company signature can be controlled – use rules to specify when, where and how you want to display everything from ad banners to phone numbers.
    • On Every Device and Client
      Your signature will appear on every email, not matter what device or client you’re sending from. No individual device setup is required and consistency is maintained. Easy!
    • Centrally Controlled
      You can stop chasing up your colleagues about manually changing their outdated signature! Centrally control company signatures within our powerful signature editor.
    • Always See Your Images
      Signature images – logos, ad banners and graphics, are displayed inline. This means you’ll always see your images in the email, not as annoying attachments stacked at the end of your conversation.

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