CAD/BIM Training

One of the biggest investments you can put into your BIM/CAD investment is in your staff. Interscale is here to assist you get the best Return On Your Staff Investment by offering a wide range of BIM/CAD training options. We realise that companies have differing client and project commitments as well as budget requirements, whilst their staff have differing work and home life commitments, so have a look at our training delivery options and see how we can help you.

Self Pace Training

Online CAD/BIM Training With Interscale and Global Elearning

Interscale have a partnership agreement with Global eLearning, one of the worlds leading providers of online BIM/CAD training courses.

So, for our clients who are happy to not have face-to-face training, and who do not want to commit to a fixed timetable of attending training this can be an ideal way of training. Through Global eLearning, Interscale can offer a wide range of courses that support the AEC industry for products such as AutoCAD, Revit, Advanced Steel, and Navisworks.

The Quick Start Interscale and Global Elearning Package

With this option you attend a 2 day Foundation course with an Interscale Trainer in the software of your choice (AutoCAD, Revit Architecural, Revit Structural, or Revit MEP).

This will give you a flying start when you move into the Global eLearning aspect of the package. You will be able to move through the online exercises a lot faster as you will have a good grounding in the topic of your choice.


Interactive Classroom or Workshop

Training Course Types

Standard BIM/CAD Foundation Training Courses

Interscale offers a number of Software Foundation courses to all of their AEC clients. These courses are generally 2 days in length and give attendees a solid foundation of knowledge about the BIM/CAD software they are using. These courses can be offered at our premises or on-site at your offices. The following courses are currently available:

  • AutoCAD 2D Foundation (2 days)
  • AutoCAD 3D Foundation (2 days)
  • Revit Architectural Foundation (2 days)
  • Revit Structural Foundation (2 days)
  • Revit MEP Foundation (2 days)

Customised BIM/CAD Training Courses

Interscale can customise training to their clients specific requirements. These courses can cover topics of their choice and be developed around the clients budgets, time commitments, and delivered at our premises or on-site at their offices. We meet with your staff and decision makers and together we design course content to ensure your staff get the course they need.

Online CAD/BIM Training

For clients who are happy to not have face-to-face training we also offer online training. This training can be delivered using Webex, GoToMeeting, ZOOM or similar.

We generally follow the format of short live “show and tell” videos, then users follow an uploaded PDF exercise and can interact with the trainer with questions and help.

On-site CAD/BIM Training

Interscale have found that a number of their clients find it difficult or inconvenient to have their staff attend training at our premises, so we offer training on-site at a clients offices or a location close to their offices..
and within timelines to minimise disruption to their staff project commitments.

There are two (2) methods in which Interscale can deliver this training:

  1. The first option is that the client supplies computers (with software loaded) and the space for training.
  2. The second option is that Interscale supply laptops (with software loaded), and the client just supplies the space for training.


Interscale also offers a wide range of 1-2 hour BIM/CAD Workshops that can be delivered in any manner that suits our clients.

These workshops cover a wide range of BIM/CAD software packages and are Topic Specific such as XREFS (AutoCAD), Annotative Text (AutoCAD), Layer Management (AutoCAD), Creating Wall Styles (Revit), 2D Families and Their Management (Revit), 4D and Naviswork, the list goes on and on and we can create specific Workshops to our clients requirements.


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