CAD/BIM Consulting

Interscale realise that many of their clients do not have internal BIM/CAD specific personnel, or may have a BIM/CAD team that needs assistance in some areas. Because of this we offer a number of services to assist you get more out of your BIM/CAD software solution.



Do you think that you are either not getting the best out of your BIM/CAD solution, or do you feel that you could be using your BIM/CAD solution better, more efficiently, or possibly you do not have the knowledge /capability to get the return on your BIM/CAD investment?

Consider getting an Interscale BIM/CAD Professional to visit your site and see how we can help you improve your BIM/CAD system We will look at how your users are using your chosen BIM/CAD software, what type of project work your company is working on, your users BIM/CAD knowledge, your BIM/CAD setup in regards to Standards, Templates, Libraries. Macros, add-on software etc. We will put together a report which will show you how to get more out of your BIM/CAD software, what is involved, the cost etc. From here we can work with your company on putting together a budget and timeline to get this done.



Having a fully documented BIM/CAD Standards Manual for your system that is linked in with your Templates etc. is essential. This means setting up all of your different Annotation Styles (Revit/AutoCAD), Drawing Sheets (Revit/AutoCAD), Layers (AutoCAD), Visual Styles (Revit/AutoCAD), Object Libraries (Revit), Block and Family Setups (Revit/AutoCAD), the list goes on and on. You maybe even be faced with different BIM/CAD Standards with different Projects and Clients that you work on and with. Our BIM/CAD Professional staff can assist you in these areas and work to your budgets and timelines to get this work done.



You can spend a massive amount of time in setting up your AutoCAD Block Libraries and your Revit Family Libraries. Again, our Professional BIM/CAD staff are here to help and work to your budgets and timelines. Whether you need simple AutoCAD Blocks, Annotative Blocks and/or Dynamic Blocks for AutoCAD, or System Families, Loadable Families, and/or In-Place Families for Revit, we are here to help.


We can also assist our clients with more advanced customization solutions in the area of Scripts, Menu Macros, AutoLISP, and are moving into C# Programming for more advanced and specific BIM/CAD Customisation.



Interscale’s Professional BIM/CAD staff are also available for new software installs and setups, and the equally important Software updates where current Customisation needs to be carried across to the new software.


Please go to our BIM/CAD Training section to see ALL of the ways that we can help your staff get the most out of your BIM/CAD software with a wide range of training methods.

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