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Need An Experienced CAD/BIM Expert To Assist Your Team?

You may not have some specific skills in your team which prevents you from fully utilising your CAD/BIM solutions, and it may not be practical to hire another staff member.

We offer a number of services to assist you in getting more out of your CAD/BIM software solutions.

CAD/BIM Discovery

Do you have a nagging feeling that you are not getting the most out of your CAD/BIM solution? Or that could be using your CAD/BIM solution more efficiently to get a better return on your CAD/BIM investment?

In this case, it might be a good idea to get an Interscale CAD/BIM professional to visit your site to take a look at how your CAD/BIM setup is working for you.

We will look at how your users are using your CAD/BIM software, your team’s CAD/BIM knowledge, and your CAD/BIM setup in regards to Standards, Templates, Libraries, Macros and add-on software.

You will be provided with a comprehensive report complete with suggestions and next steps to implement improvements and investment involved.

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CAD/BIM Standards

Having a fully documented CAD/BIM Standards Manual for your system that is linked in with templates is essential to ensure your CAD/BIM system runs smoothly.

Businesses often need to manage multiple different CAD/BIM Standards with different projects and clients which poses its own challenges. Our professional CAD/BIM experts can assist you in managing your CAD/BIM Standards according to your budgets and timelines.

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CAD/BIM Libraries & Macros

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with time-consuming tasks like setting up your AutoCAD Block Libraries and your Revit Family Libraries.

Professional CAD/BIM staff are here to help and will work according to your budgets and timelines. We can also assist our clients with more advanced customisation solutions in the area of Scripts, Menu Macros, AutoLISP, and are moving into C# Programming for more advanced and specific CAD/BIM Customisation.

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CAD/BIM Software Install & Updates

Interscale’s professional CAD/BIM staff are also available for any new software installs and setups.

The equally important software updates where current customisation needs to be carried across to the new software.

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