About Interscale

Who are we?

At Interscale, we place the value of our partnership with customers ahead of everything else. We do this, as we know that by honouring this commitment our customers will continue to seek our involvement with their future journey through the IT world, and the opportunities that arise from digital transformation.

Our Team

Interscale is a Melbourne-based, national provider of Information and Communications Technology services. We specialise in the delivery of market-leading technology services such as: Security, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Services. We also offer Managed Services, Networking, Consulting & Advisory and Procurement Services.

Each person at Interscale has a role to play and we expect them to fulfil their role with quality and excellence in mind. We expect everyone to care for our customers needs as they would their own. We believe that ownership and autonomy play a critical role in the professional development of our staff, so we enable them to take the lead whilst we provide the required support.



Starting with your first engagement, you will begin to see first-hand how the team at Interscale approach IT differently. We begin with one simple yet often-forgotten process; listening.

This provides us with invaluable insight into your business. It helps to uncover any strategic and tactical objectives that may already exist and highlight areas where your past investment into technology can be better leveraged.

Our consultative process often involves one-on-one interviews with your staff. These interviews explore their role within the business and how they interact with technology. The goal is to understand your business, its people and cultural considerations first. Only once these are known, do we then focus on the technology. This starts with mapping out a high-level growth plan and aligning IT solutions and change initiatives against your business needs.

Our Qualifications

Interscale’s team holds a variety of formal education qualifications – both in IT and other learning pathways – including tertiary certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degrees. These are complemented by our certifications in IT industry-standard frameworks such as PRINCE2 and ITIL, in addition to Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA, CCNP, VMware VCP, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Autodesk certified, JAMF, Microsoft InTune, Microsoft Autopilot, amongst countless other technical, sales and executive certifications.

By partnering with Interscale, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team that take their work seriously and have spent years, even decades, building their skills and experience so that you get the best outcome from every engagement.

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